the importance of buying lab-tested marijuana

On January 1, 2018, more than 40 million adults in the state of California gained the ability to buy lab-tested marijuana for the first time. In the past few years, the Golden state’s medical marijuana earned its fair share of notoriety due to lax testing laws. Learn how and why the Silver State learned from its neighbor’s experiment.

Did You Know Dirty Marijuana Is Still a Concern for Legal Cannabis Consumers?

In February of 2017, Leafly published the astounding results of its investigation on medical marijuana cultivated in California. The report, “Leafly Investigation: California Has a Dirty Cannabis Problem” highlighted one of the issues haunting legal cannabis operations: contamination.

Why you should care about buying lab-tested marijuana

According to the dispensary agents and industry insiders interviewed by the Leafly in 2017, dirty marijuana is a pervasive issue. Even when ‘caught’ by labs or conscientious dispensary owners, contaminated cannabis often stays in the supply chain or on the black market.

That’s why cannabis lab testing is crucial to the health of the blooming cannabis industry as well as its patients and consumers. As an agricultural product, cannabis is just as susceptible to contaminants and pests that other farmers cope with during a growing season. That makes it extremely important for consumers to have access legal, ReLeaf that doesn’t contain unknown toxins or chemical byproducts.

Leafly discovers clean marijuana is harder to find than you think

Unlike Nevada, which has the strictest marijuana lab-testing standards in the country, California dispensaries could choose not to test the products on their shelves until Jan. 1, 2018. This lack of regulation led to Leafly’s discovery that as much as 77% of the marijuana on the California market was contaminated according to a Feb. 2017 report. Today, the Golden State’s rollout of recreational marijuana is still experiencing hiccups in some parts of the state, including in Los Angeles where dispensaries aren’t able to operate under the new recreational marijuana laws yet.

Nevada sales prove consumers want to buy lab-tested marijuana

While the Silver State was undoubtedly more conservative in its rollout of medical marijuana sales, marijuana delivery, and recreational marijuana sales, the tight regulation of Nevada marijuana dispensary market means patients and consumers have always been able to know what exactly is in their cannabis.

Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient looking for your ReLeaf or an adult seeking cannabis-infused relaxation at home or on the weekend, you want to know what you’re getting.

Questions lab-tested marijuana products and labels provide to cannabis consumers:

  • THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid content
  • Terpene Content
  • Recommended Dose
  • Recommended delivery method
  • Amount of residual pesticides, contaminants, or solvents in parts per million (ppm)

Trust a Nevada Dispensary When You Buy Lab-Tested Marijuana

Our team of compassionate budtenders and dispensary agents are well-versed in helping guide our customers toward premier lab-tested recreational marijuana products that are high-quality, trusted, and true. Learn more about how can buy lab-tested marijuana and get it delivered to your door by calling our marijuana Las Vegas dispensary today.


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