avoid habits that cause weight gain

As fall fills the air, comfort foods, cozy sweaters, and sedentary habits start to creep in; even the healthiest of us find the lure of pumpkin spice life challenging to resist. If you’ve noticed that your having a harder time saying ‘no’ to the treats of the season, make sure you’re avoiding other, ‘unseen’ habits that can cause weight gain.

Whether you realize it or not, your daily behaviors, habits, and decisions can affect your weight loss efforts in a variety of ways; that’s why one of the most popular approaches of nutritionists is to advise clients to keep a food diary.

How to Avoid Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Through tracking the food and beverages that you consume day in and day out, you can take account of the hidden fats, sugars, and complex carbs sneaking their way into your diet.

Stay away from ‘miracle’ weight loss products

One of the most common obstacles facing new dieters is the amount of misinformation out there when it comes to weight loss aids and supplemental workout enhancements. Many new dieters feel they need to turn to expensive foods, sugar substitutes, and other highly-processed, calorie-reduced items that don’t help weight loss efforts in the long run.

In fact, published studies indicate that diet foods and fads may make it harder to fight cravings for unhealthy foods as opposed to helping curb them. When designing your weight loss regime, it’s best to discuss your goals and plans with your doctor first.

Watch what and how often you snack

Most of those struggling to attain or maintain a healthy weight also struggle with emotional eating. For example, do you find yourself turning to food because of you sad or maybe even bored? Do you ‘treat yourself’ or binge on unhealthy foods after a bad day? Emotional eating is one of the central habits that make you gain weight besides food and the best remedy is the practice of ‘mindful eating.’

Mindful eating is a term that refers to the practice of being fully present at the moment when you are eating. Instead of eating your dinner or lunch while distracted by the screen, turn off the electronics and just enjoy the moment. Eating mindfully will help not only you recognize when you stop being hungry, so you naturally eat less without feeling deprived.

For when you are feeling peckish, here is a list of what foods can you eat a lot of and not gain weight:

  • Oatmeal
  • Broth-based soups
  • Legumes
  • Apples
  • Citrus fruits
  • Fish
  • Cottage cheese
  • Vegetables

Whittle down the number of times to you eat out each week

Research indicates that those who eat out more than twice a week are more likely to gain several pounds per year when compared to those who don’t eat out as often. Because you cede control of how much sugar and salt sneak their way into prepared foods, make eating out a special occasion. When you DO go out, try to manage calories by reading through the menu and asking for any available nutrition information.

Stop drinking all of your calories

With latte season in full effect, people are drinking more of their calories than ever. Sugary beverages like sodas, juices, and flavored waters are not only less filling; they are also linked a higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even certain kinds of cancer due to the metabolically damaging spike of sugar and insulin production they cause.

PCN Pro Tip: To help you avoid sugary beverages, opt to start your day with the best plant-based protein powder for weight loss instead of that pumpkin spice latte.

Get some sleep. Seriously.

While this may be one of the easiest habits to address, not getting enough sleep is one of the main things that make you gain weight besides food. A lack of sleep is linked to excessive weight gain and obesity; in fact, one study found adults subjected to just five hours of sleep for five days consumed around 6% more regarding daily calories. Participants also consumed more of their calories at night which also contributes to weight gain.

Stick to small sustainable changes for long-term success

When it comes to looking for different ways to live healthily, most people want to lose weight but don’t know how. Although an all-or-nothing approach to dieting may seem like the most effective, it is also too unrealistic and unsustainable. Instead of planning out an overly restrictive diet, focus on making small changes for sustainable weight loss that you can live with.

Arm Against Habits That Cause Weight Gain

If you are trying to avoid habits that cause weight gain, try incorporating wholesome foods and the best plant-based protein powder into your diet for the best chance of success. And don’t be afraid to get back on the wagon if you’ve fallen off; a healthier and happier you are closer than you think, you just have to stay committed!


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