How healthy is your colon? Maintaining a healthy colon is easier than you think. Making healthy food choices keeps your colon happy and healthy and making these healthy options for a healthy colon will lead you to proper colorectal and help colon cancer prevention. So ask yourself—”What am I doing to help keep my colon healthy?”

Choosing Healthy Options for Healthy Colon Care

So where do you start on your journey for a healthy colon? As a part of your digestive system, your colon feels more relief when you maintain a healthy diet. Care for your colon through good nutritional choices helps you to prevent colon cancer or other colon problems in the future.

Avoid the meats

Studies have shown the risk of colon cancer is increased by 14 percent when an individual eats 100 grams of red meat per day. Though they have not found what exactly causes the risk of colon cancer, it is assumed it is due to the saturated fat and the chemical changes occurring when meat is smoked or cured. So skip the sausage and red meat as a food option.

Foods to add to your diet for a healthy colon

Change up your diet or add these foods to your existing diet to help your colon be healthier. A simple change of diet is great cancer prevention. The foods to add to your diet are the following:

    • Raspberries: A great source of fiber to add to your diet, offering you about 8 grams of fiber per cup.
    • Brown Rice: Serving as a more nutritional option than white rice, brown rice is among other whole grains providing you with great sources of fiber for your diet. So next time you have an option for rice, go for the brown rice for your healthy colon care.
    • Salmon: Need an excuse to have more salmon in your diet? Here it is: salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids help improve the functionality of colon cells. It also goes well with a side of brown rice.
    • Yogurt: Dairy containing large amounts of vitamin D helps reduce your risk of colon cancer. Yogurt helps support an overall gastrointestinal health by containing bacterial cultures to balance out your good and bad bacteria in your intestines.

Visit a Colorectal Physician for Healthy Colon Care

What better way to prevent colon cancer and know how healthy your colon is then by visiting a colorectal physician. They help you to understand how to maintain a healthy colon and if there are any colorectal issues you may have. Contact your local colorectal physician for healthy colon care.





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