Did your last meal leave an uncomfortable effect on your tummy? Clenching your stomach, you may be trying to find the best, quickest stomach ache relief to help you get rid of your symptoms. Often, stomach pain can hurt more than some headaches. Try some of these quick remedies that offer natural relief for stomach pain.

Find Stomach Ache Relief with These Remedies

Don’t get stuck in the bathroom due to stomach pains. We have some quick remedies for stomach ache relief to get you back to your normal life.

Burnt toast

Now, you may find this stomach ache relief quite silly. However, burnt toast can actually help relieve an upset stomach. The char on top of the toast helps you absorb the toxins that are making your stomach upset. So, whether your stomach is upset due to something you ate or after a wild night of drinking, leave your toast cooking for a little more time to get it nice and burnt.

Ginger drinks

Ginger is one of the best for stomach ache relief because of its main ingredient: gingerol. This ingredient decreases the production of free radicals and their potential damage to your body. It will also decrease the discomfort and nausea you feel from your stomach pains. Try to drink a ginger ale to relieve some gas, or relieve your upset stomach with a nice, warm cup of ginger tea.


You don’t have to use peppermints just for fresh breath. Peppermint is also used as a stomach ache relief due to its calming effects to the stomach muscles. It also help improve the body’s digestive flow. Both peppermint tea and peppermint candies can help with stomach ache relief. Peppermint candies are more useful for stomach ache relief for young children if they don’t like peppermint tea.

Visit an urgent care if you experience severe stomach pains for more than a day.


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