Would you ever imagine combining childcare with senior day care? Some forward-thinking care centers mix their seniors with children for an all-in-one daycare. These “sandwich generation daycares” provide benefits for both the seniors and the children.

The combination of children’s imagination and the needs of seniors to keep their minds running is just one example of the benefits a senior/children daycare can provide. These care centers can provide a new kind of care for your loved ones, young and old.

What Is the Sandwich Generation?

The Sandwich Generation refers to individuals who act as caregivers for both their elderly loved ones (often their parents) and their own children. In a sense, they’re “sandwiched” between two very different generations, each requiring careful attention. Daycares that combine both these generations help caregivers care for their loved ones.

Sandwich Generation Daycares for Seniors and Children

Trailblazers of a new type of care

These new daycares have been getting attention recently, but one group in particular has been advocating for this idea for three decades. Generations United is an advocate for intergenerational collaboration. They have multiple programs and shared spaces for children, youth, and seniors.

In Seattle, WA, innovative caregivers placed a preschool inside a senior care center housing over 400 seniors. During a normal school week, seniors will come together with these little students for music, dancing, lunch, art, and just plain visiting. Combining both generations has shown to give the senior center a more lively environment. Before the preschool was there, seniors had a quiet, almost saddened environment. Now, the center is more lively with activities and music.

Benefits of bringing two generations together

When you bring two generations together, you are bound to find some remarkable results. Child day care with seniors can provide great memory assistance for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Here are some other benefits from senior/child day care centers:

  • Enhancement in socialization opportunities in seniors
  • Improved academic performance in children
  • A gained sense of purpose in seniors
  • Positive outlook on aging in children

Sandwich generation daycares also benefit the individuals in the middle. Combining care to one location will limit the different places caregivers must visit for senior care and child care. It can relieve some stress to this individual.


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